Should You Build a Mobile App or Mobile Website?

There’s no doubt that mobile has gone mainstream with consumers increasingly on the move and companies seeking more ways to stay in front of their eyes and right at their fingertips. As a result, businesses are realizing the importance of maintaining a mobile presence, yet many are uncertain whether a mobile application or mobile website is the best way to go to reach consumers on the go. To outline the basics and benefits of a mobile website vs. mobile app, MDG Advertising developed the following informative infographic. It outlines the options and opportunities behind both mobile methods, along with the facts and figures regarding reach and response to help companies make the right move to mobile.

Mobile App or Mobile Website?

First, the infographic details the important differences between mobile websites and mobile applications on issues such as user access and digital accessibility. A side-by-side comparison shows that mobile apps provide faster speed, while mobile websites are more affordable.

Then, usage becomes the focus with graphic evidence showing the amount of time users spend on both mobile means. There’s clearly no contest with mobile apps gaining digital dominance over desktops within the last two years.

In terms of reach and engagement, the lines become more blurred as research reveals mobile websites having much higher numbers of impressions and visits. Yet the data also shows that mobile app users are more engaged and consume an average of 2.4 times more impressions.

Finally, content usage comes into play since this is a determining factor for many businesses. Once again, both mobile application development and mobile website development have their unique strengths for specific tasks. Mobile websites are preferred for the popular pursuits of online shopping, search, and entertainment. Mobile apps are favored for their superior connectivity, navigation, and ability to inform. The better option depends on how the company plans to connect with consumers.


The decision between building a mobile website or a mobile application is ultimately a decision unique to your business. If possible, companies should develop both in order to leverage these two powerful platforms. If only one can be chosen, business must first assess their goals and resources, then closely consider the differences detailed in the infographic and the audience they want to reach. Only then can a business truly tell which mobile method will provide more value, advantages, and opportunities with the massive mobile market.

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