Your Logo: Think Of It Like A Tattoo For Your Business

Whether you like tattoos or not, you probably know they are painful to get, disastrous to get wrong and rather difficult to remove. In other words, they’re there to stay – and you better like them even when you’re old and wrinkled.
And it’s easy to see (just google “tattoo disasters”) that loads of people can’t remember this simple truth. I’m sure these guys thought it was a good idea at the time.

> It’s The Same With Logos

When starting a business it’s easy to think “Well, I’ll just getting something done and I’ll see about it later”. And when later you realise you hate the interim logo you got yourself and set about getting a new one, it’s already very late.
You spent lots of money promoting that logo on adverts, business cards, letterheads, your website and so on. For better or worse, people have started recognising your logo and associating it with your service or product. Scrapping it all and starting afresh is a very costly exercise.
So here are my simple rules for getting a logo you will still like in 5, 10 or 20 years:

> How To Choose A Logo (Or A Tattoo)

. Choose a design that means something. A design with a story (and a strategy). Not just a pretty picture.
. Make sure it looks good anywhere you’d put it: on paper, on a website – on your skin if you really feel like taking the title of this article very literally.* There isn’t much point in a logo that would look great on a website, and rubbish on paper.
. Choose something that doesn’t rely on fads and bells and whistles for effect: when gradients or 3D will be out of fashion will your logo look great or ridiculous? Most of the world’s greatest logos are simple – versatile, as in can be used in various colour combinations, gradients, etc, but in essence they are simple. Apple is a great example of this.
. Pick a logo that makes you feel proud. Makes you feel like bringing it home to meet your mother or taking it along as your date to that high-school reunion you’ve been dreading.
. Choose a design that is ‘you’.

*As a side note there have been cases of designers who tattooed their logos on their skin, and got an awesome tattoo out of it.

Your Logo: Think Of It Like A Tattoo For Your Business


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