Effective working session with internship team from Havard Business School

After months co-working, internship team from Havard Business School (HBS) and VietnamAtoZ team from OVUONG produced interesting findings about online shopping behavior of young consumer of age 22-26 in Vietnam. This was a remarkable input to take into account in order to modify and adjust our product, VietnamAtoZ local search tool. This co-working session helped both teams to explore the international working culture, to explore the actual market situations and to explore a new different point of view on the project.

It is definitely not contingent that Project VietnamAtoZ, a local search tool powered by OVUONG was in the list of Global partner of Havard Busnisness School. To be selected, the project must be the new trend technic oriented; outstanding performance and feasible. Besides, the project must have qualified team to coordinate and give instruction to internship team about the actual market.

Following are some memorable moments when teams were working:

And it was great for our team to get the favorale feedback from HBS: “Thank you so much for your amazing support of our students this past month. We’ve heard fantastic feedback from students and faculty, and are so grateful for your partnership and commitment to the program. It would not be possible for us to offer this kind of transformational experience for our MBA students without the support of project sponsors like yourselves. Thank you for the tremendous impact you’ve had in making this all possible.”

Under VietnamAtoZ Project

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